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With the introduction of the Corona virus in late 2019, we lost a lot of things we took for granted. Such as Requesting songs while at events. In the past, many DJs around the world would encourage guests to approach the DJ booth with a requested song they would like to hear. However, with current executive orders in place for the state of Michigan, and social distancing guidelines established by the CDC we developed a much more seamless and safe way to take requests.

Although we will continue to have a notepad with disposable pens at the events, we took the time to develop our own web based app for song requests. Which gives us the ability to take requests via text messages from your guests while at an event. Ensuring the safety of our guests while hosting an event is incredibly important during this time. With the help of our app, and special measures taken we are able to ensure everybody is safe while enjoying themselves.

With the use of a QR Code guests have the ability to scan and access the app directly from their smartphone. Giving them the ability to text their song request to the DJ, as well as tip the DJ, get more information regarding your event and the DJ himself.

Our hopes are with this measure in place, we can limit potential spread and transmission of the virus. While remaining consistent with sanitation regiments, we can offer a safe, and fun event for you and your guests!


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