The Grand Entrance

Your Grand Entrance should be unique to your wedding reception. As a DJ, we know how to read the room in order to get the proper response from your friends and family. Enter your wedding reception as the rock star of the night. We’ll help you plan the perfect moment, recommending songs that will speak to your story. Hear the roar of your loved ones as they welcome you into the hall for the first time as husband and wife.

Toasts & Speeches

As we get started with dinner It’s time for the moment your maid of honor and best man have been nervous about. Their toasts and speeches. This is a moment of reminiscing and reflection. As the father of the bride gives his speech many guests begin to tear up and think of all of the moments the have shared with you over the years. We will provide you with a wireless microphone for this event. As well as coordinate with you during the planning to ensure we know who will be speaking and when. As we approach the moment, we will coordinate with those giving words in order to ensure they know when they are going so they are ready.

Cocktail & Dinner

Cocktail and Dinner music you can talk over is key to feeling the intimacy of the day. You won’t have to worry about us starting the party too early. Building energy is a huge part of our DJs role at your wedding reception. We understand allowing people to connect and conversate has a huge role. Trust us during cocktail hour and dinner to play appropriate music at an appropriate volume. Enjoy conversation with your guests to a mixture of older and new music. A mixture of upbeat and slower tempo so you can indulge in the moment and meet with your guests without having to compete with loud music.

The Bridal Dance

Now that you and your new husband have solidified your union, it’s time for you to share your first dance as husband and wife. As a Wedding DJ, this could be the most crucial moment. Having the wrong version of a song, or any technical difficulties could prove disastrous during this time. Each event we bring 2 laptops to ensure if there are any problems leading up to this moment we have a backup. We’ll work with you during our planning process in order to find the perfect song for you and your new husband to share this special moment together.

Cutting The Cake

Cutting the cake is the perfect opportunity to be silly during your reception. The photographer has an opportunity to record this moment so you can look back on it years later and tell the story. Many brides have a hard time deciding what song they would like for their Cake Cutting portion. If this is the case we have many songs that fit the situation. We will work with you during the planning in order to find the perfect song and make recommendations.

Father And Daughter Dance

The Father and Daughter Dance is a very sentimental moment at most weddings. Although to most brides it may seem like another dance, to the father this is a culmination of the past 2 decades leading to this moment. The moment his little girl is no longer his little girl. We take this moment seriously, and as such we will assist in any way to make sure this is a perfect moment for you. Working with you during the planning process in order to find the perfect song.

Celebration Time

Now that we have held those special moments and built new memories it’s time for the guests to have some fun! The Open Dance portion of the night is the event your guests have been waiting for. Now they can have a few drinks and dance! The night will be filled with a mixture of genres slow, and fast-paced songs to keep you and your guests dancing. We’ll work with you during the planning process to curate a list of songs you, as well as your family members will like. As well as read the room during the dance portion and add new songs to the list.

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