In this article I hope to shed some light on what to consider when comparing Wedding DJ Pricing.

A lot of times I’ll get an email, or a call from a bride or groom with one simple question. 

— How much is it for this amount of time? —  Or –What is your pricing for Wedding DJ Packages?–

This is a fair question, after all we all want to get the best quality for our money. Especially with something as involved or expensive as a wedding. But many times, from my experience people have a habit of not fully balancing price and value. The Cheapest price is not always the best option. Especially with something as important as your wedding day. 

I speak with a lot of Brides and Grooms, and some of them are quick to get to the ‘price’ factor, not taking into account the DJs experience. How long has he been a DJ? Has he ever had anything go wrong while at an event? If so, how did he handle it? What was the outcome? These questions are crucial to the performance of the DJ, but not the price. Although I will not go as far as some outlets and say that DJ is the most crucial, the DJ is an important role. 

There are a lot of events the wedding DJ will be tasked with carrying out throughout your wedding day. Find out more about them here.

The wedding DJ will be the only element of your wedding that is in charge of the mood. He will be the one, provided he has the skills to; to read the room and get your guests active and involved. Programming music based on the reaction of your guests, speaking to your guests, encouraging them to get involved and support you. He will be the one communicating with your other vendors in order to make sure everything is in order before moving onto special events, such as your first dance as a married couple, and the Father & Daughter dance. With enough experience to help with song suggestions based on past events. 

Wedding Wire has done a great article on Wedding DJ Pricing Guide you can read here.

Ensuring the DJ is experienced, could be the difference between him playing the wrong song for your bridal dance, and ensuring your bridal dance is a memorable experience. Sometimes that could be worth the little extra you pay for peace of mind. 

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